New to town again

And here we are, starting back up in a new place. Portland, I hope you treat us kindly from the start.

So here is the deal. 

Z is done training and starts his big Doctor job at Oregon Health Science University.

I’m teaching online courses part time from home

Sophia is going to have an awesome fun year

We are embracing the outdoors, the food, the friendly people, the quirky, the hard hard work because that’s all we know how to do…

Here we go…



White Rock, Black Sand by Clint Westwood 

Totally mom joke I know..anyways. 

We went to crescent beach with this little stinker. White Rock to me looks like the French Riviera with beautiful houses over looking the pacific coast. Someday I’m going to live here.

Photo above from Sutton Realty (I definitely do not have such good photo taking skills)

She is still scared of the ‘pishies’..so it took a lot to convince her to wade in the leftover warm puddles of water

Photo Zahi Mitri

Tide was low and super ‘far out’

Photo Zahi Mitri

And now that we have these fancy pair we are ready for a second beach day.


Houston we are ready for take off 

June 29
We thought most things were packed..moving company came how wrong we were and how much we had left. 

Meanwhile packing was fun for one person only :) 

Thanks to Ashley who managed to take care of Sophia and take care of us that week and that day..gosh we already miss you 

With just enough time to make it to the airport, we piled our bags high and left Houston, hoping our car and stuff meet us in Portland 

Goodbye crazy Houston traffic

And see you soon Pacific Northwest..I’ve got my rain gear ready…


Who said there was no exit

I will miss fantastic colleagues, I will miss working on the creative projects but I won’t miss the last minute deadlines, the restricting 8-5, and the low work-life balance. Bye UHD

So I took my plants 
I took my code 
And I’m off for many adventures with Zahi and Sophia…


Thyroidectomy Part 1

I keep saying this..I will post more frequently

I keep getting distracted with things

Here is the first of a two part story about taking out my thyroid. Not many people were told, not many people may care, but seeing as I like to look back and read some of my writings, this always helps me the most and so I write.

When Sophia was just a few months old, my mom’s aunt noticed my thyroid was noticeably bigger when she was visiting us in Houston. I didn’t think much of it till few months later when it seemed to be getting bigger. Took an appointment with a sweet and very Southern ENT who seemed to know everyone and their mom. The Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) biopsy put our minds at ease that the nodules growing were benign but the nodules were uncomfortable and there were multiples, so not completely out of the woods i.e. just enough to stay concerned and keep monitoring. 

Post FNA biopsy. It was tender for a few days after (they did insert needles through my neck after all) 

They kept growing and were on both sides that it felt like someone was softly squeezing my neck most of the day and more uncomfortable at night.

Fast forward 1 year and some odd months, Dr. Sam Weber recommended we do the inevitable thyroidectomy soon (complete removal of both Thyroids) especially with our exciting plans for the next few years (moving, maybe baby no2, travels). He doesn’t do surgeries anymore but then casually said ‘You should go to my baby brother, he does head and neck surgery’. Yeah I look up who his baby brother, oh only the chair of head and neck surgery at MD Anderson..you know no big deal haha…and that is older sibling goals right there. Why yes sir, I will go to your very talented younger brother for care thank you.

I’m not quite sure if you can see the nodules on my neck in the picture. I have a long skinny neck so the nodules were pretty obvious.

My multinodular goiters and seriously silly self


Easter the Lazier Way

Baby girl is still to young to compare notes on how other moms planned a kick-ass Easter day of fun, I went with the least amount of work type of approach.

Some friends came by with their baby girl, boiled eggs, and a painting kit (thanks Frenchs..you totally helped a mama out!)

 Then we filled a few plastic eggs with some candy the hubby picked up from work and walked down with the girls to the apartment courtyard. We placed them in different spots..sat on the patio chairs and watched them ‘hunt’. A 2 year old, a 19 month old, and a 3 year old girl did not so much as hunt as they did meander and finally find the some egg then waste about 3 minutes trying to open it before moving on again. A wild camel race this was not.

This girl was killing it    
I mean this couldn’t be more obvious right

  Really not sure what they were doing here 
It was a fun and easy day with minimal effort and clean up.


Lumberzack the instagram bro

We took a short trip to visit the family in the great North. Well not too far North, only the beautifulest of British Columbia.

Oh hey Vancouver.

While there, we saw that my mom’s fence (which was already falling apart) had fallen down. Not to worry, Zahi was feeling particularly Canadian now that he is officially so. He took an axe and a hoe and went to work.

 All he is missing is a plaid shirt, a beanie, a beard, and duck boots and lumberzack would make the best

Lumberzack and his mini their natural element..man I need better photography skills