Littlest and brightest sunshine-tub in the backyard

Summers in Vancouver are like no other. Our little one is mesmerized like every adult that sets foot here. She lays back and watches the leaves on the trees move, quiets down to hear the birds, and cheers up in the warm sunshine. She even put up with a cold slip and slide with the neighbor boys. It’s hard to say no to outdoor fun here. 


Ps so far this tub has worked perfectly indoors and outdoors. She has moved from the newborn side to the sit up baby/toddler side. The water stayed warmer than a pool would have and she felt safe yet could splash and play. No fancy thing just $15 tub. 

If the clothes fit buy em

Today my sisters, little brother, and I went shopping. Nothing like a 50% off sale to bring us together. We searched and rummaged and looked for treasures. And I wish I had a picture to describe each of us and our selections. In a naive and superficial way I can try to describe us using a sentence or two.

Sarah looked for warm stuff…the smallest in size, she only worried not to be swallowed by a large sweater or coat. Classic and traditional but always seeking change.
Hanaa looked for the funky. Sweaters with a native vibe, fur lining, and hanging threads. She is earthy and lively but in a world of her own.
Hamzah found three pairs of black shoes. None of the tshirts or jackets had any images or extra colors. He may seem simple but he knows exactly what he wants. 
I searched for looser and colorful tops, so I could still free and comfortable, mom-appropriate but still reminiscent of my younger me. My biggest worries, not looking like I borrowed from my smaller sized sister’s closet something that makes me look ill-shaped. I think I know me.
And I couldn’t help picking out a thing or 5 for my little ray of sunshine.
And at the end of our shopping adventure, we cheered ourselves for scoring such good deals…good ol value village and their half priced sale days.

Hungry eyes

So our little girl loves to eat. She loves her teething biscuits. She loves her apple sauce. But most of all, she loves her milk. And what is funny is no matter how full she is, her eyes devour anyone’s food within her sight. She would stare longingly at that food that I fear even strangers might offer her food soon. Baby has the hungry eyes. 

Baby flyer

This was our third flight since she was born and I think we are becoming pros at this. I was prepared and organized for the flight and she was just charming everyone around.

The check in was a breeze, the flight attendants were sweet, and Sophia didn’t cry once..rockstar! 
What worked:
– actually remembering to bring the stroller bag 
– having enough diapers, food, and milk for the hungry bunny
– not having to pump (woohoo)
– flight attendants being sweet enough to stow away my carryon and hold my coffee while Sophia and I settled in our seat 
– having her taggies blanket, baby musicbox, spoons that attach to food pouch, pacifier 
– using the neck pillow for Sophia to sleep on 
What didn’t work: 
– not able to sleep cos I’m holding Sophia 
– girl that was in the seat next to me visibly freaking out as soon as she realized the baby was coming next to her..I mean she was in distress, like she saw a shark..she switched seats with her dad 
All in all it was a fun trip with Sophia either sleeping, eating, playing, or making friends with all the passengers on th plane (except freak-out girl). Seriously Sophia would stare at folks till they looked and then she would give a giant smile…this girl is a charmer and people pleaser

Bigger than life

Poor baby got her shots today. But she was such a big girl, stopped crying pretty quickly. 

She is 27.5 inch (70cm) -97th percentile for height
Weighs 19lbs (8.6kg) – 90th percentile 
Baby is a big healthy girl 🙂 ring leader material that’s for sure 
What worked today:
– baby Einstein music box and a bottle of milk to soothe crying baby
– BBQ beef sandwich from papas BBQ 
– bought teething tablets and Brita bottle for baby 
What didn’t work:
– Been awake since about 430am
– baby not sleeping easily anymore
– haven’t had the chance to go to post office or shop before flight tomorrow 
– still haven’t packed
– feeling sleepy 
– where is Zahi 
The little champion waiting for shots 

Families shmamilies

I leave to Vancouver in one day..and I am excited to be with the crazy family, glad to be there for Sarah but my heart stays behind in Houston. 

Husband, rest assured, I wouldn’t trade you for all the chocolate and cake in the world…not even for the best damn tres leches ever made.
Cannot wait to explore more of this world side by side. 
There are my loves, melting my heart to a sweet puddle