Sophia got her nap back

We have a quiet house once again and lil Sophia got her groove back…working on her third nap right now! I must admit the late afternoon trip to the pool might have helped the last nap happen.

I managed to squeeze a 6mth wellness and immunization doctor’s visit…persistence pays off and we are going on Monday…Sophia is not going to like that.

Flashback of the day…on her first day in Houston, grandma had a few adventures a stand out was when Sophia had a giant diaper explosion and grandma tried clean the bathroom Lebanon-style. Bathrooms in Lebanon have a drain in the floor so people throw water  on the ground and it drains away. Guess who tried that technique in our no-drain-bathroom. A lot of towels were involved and when we got home there was no evidence of a mini-flood. Guess Noah’s arc can stay in the garage.

Here is a photo of Sophia charming the pants off grandma..


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