The 4:00am baby hunger blues

I’m sitting here waiting for Sophia to fall asleep after her 4:00am feeding. So I decide to do a tribute of sorts to my tribute I mean by ‘celebrate because that pain-in-the-butt is over’ kind of deal. 

There were times I was resolved about it, accepted the was what I had to do. There were other times I wanted to burn the well-meaning pump. Throw it down the other side of the dark wall. Throw it in a pool of piranhas. You get the picture. I wanted it gone. 
Sophia was such a bad nurser that I ended up purely pumping. Every 4 hours I was sitting with that machine for 20-30min. That is a long time to be stuck to a machine. Some late nights I didn’t want to wake anyone to help so I would be pumping with the handsfree bra (which really deserves it’s own post) and feeding Sophia her bottle while she lay on the couch next to me.
I can’t forget my manual pump. A little contraption that helped me pump on the go. Imagine this, the airplane has a change table above the toilet seat. I have Sophia on some blankets lying on it. I’m holding her with one hand. With the other hand I’m pumping and it feels like an endless task. I manage to pump a total of 4oz which is enough for a bottle for her…it had to do for now. I’m in the tiny airplane bathroom after all. Nevermind the times I would sit in the car and pump before going to my next destination. If this ain’t love! Chadi even found a theme song for me.. ‘Now you’re gone’ by Basshunter

Sophia is now 6 mths, she is on formula with breast milk thawed from the freezer stash. And I am free from the pump. It was a good run. She is pretty excited about her bottles I can tell you that! Girl likes to eat 🙂

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