A true friend like you

Friends are a rare gem. It is so hard to find them and even harder to lose. 

Two people have been on my mind today in particular..
Sarah, you are more than a sister, you are my forever friend. We played with barbies, we played doctor, we played teacher, and best of all we had hundreds upon hundreds of slumber parties. I cannot imagine any day without you there whether it is gchat or text or best of all in person…you will fight and I will be there to fight with you…we are team Sarah, my sweet sister Sarah. I love you.
Robin…I remember how much I was in awe of what you are capable of..I never imagined what a close friend you would be…my kindered spirit, it gave me so much joy to hear you are expecting your little babies…cannot wait to hold them and cuddle the likeness of you for I am sure they will be spectacular like you 


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