Baby flyer

This was our third flight since she was born and I think we are becoming pros at this. I was prepared and organized for the flight and she was just charming everyone around.

The check in was a breeze, the flight attendants were sweet, and Sophia didn’t cry once..rockstar! 
What worked:
– actually remembering to bring the stroller bag 
– having enough diapers, food, and milk for the hungry bunny
– not having to pump (woohoo)
– flight attendants being sweet enough to stow away my carryon and hold my coffee while Sophia and I settled in our seat 
– having her taggies blanket, baby musicbox, spoons that attach to food pouch, pacifier 
– using the neck pillow for Sophia to sleep on 
What didn’t work: 
– not able to sleep cos I’m holding Sophia 
– girl that was in the seat next to me visibly freaking out as soon as she realized the baby was coming next to her..I mean she was in distress, like she saw a shark..she switched seats with her dad 
All in all it was a fun trip with Sophia either sleeping, eating, playing, or making friends with all the passengers on th plane (except freak-out girl). Seriously Sophia would stare at folks till they looked and then she would give a giant smile…this girl is a charmer and people pleaser


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