Fish, sharks and a tiger

Today was Sophia’s first trip (of many) to the aquarium and boy did she enjoy it! She even decided to hug one of the smaller tanks…marine biologist in the making perhaps? There was a tiger which was one of our favorite exhibits..a tiger at the aquarium…I dunno… We took the buy 1 get 1 free…

Cutting teeth

Poor baby is teething bad..I’ve been rubbing teething tablets and that seem to be helping a lot…she likes her teething toy just fine but recently I discovered she loves playing and gnawing on her spoons as she sits in the high chair. 

Sleep Training

Things got a little busy…We are back again. Vancouver was amazing. Seeing all the family and spending the summer days in the garden are just beautiful moments. Now we are back to our home and our little girl is growing so quickly and that it leaves me so little time to think about missing Vancouver….

Pack n play for the win

Visits to grandmas house means two sets of eat, sleep, and play. Sleep was tricky since Sophia is the first baby so after much thinking and research, our best option was the graco pack n play. When she starts to sit up and hold to the sides we will simply put the mattress on the…