Sleep Training

Things got a little busy…
We are back again.

Vancouver was amazing. Seeing all the family and spending the summer days in the garden are just beautiful moments. Now we are back to our home and our little girl is growing so quickly and that it leaves me so little time to think about missing Vancouver.

One of the things that has been hard is getting her to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. At 7 months, she is now fully aware of our presence, and our absence (hello object permanence). At one point it took me an hour to rock her to sleep and then she kept waking up every 10-15min for the pacifier or to be soothed. Now that was rough.

So first we tried the ferber sleep training method. First night, we both didn’t sleep till about 3am. Daytime was even worse and I feared it Ferber might not be the way for us. So I researched and read and decided cold turkey aka cry-it-out method might be the best way to go.

I have to admit, the first night I cried when she cried so much. She cried for what felt like forever. She would stop and fall asleep, then wake up and cry again. She did this for about 2-3 hours. Second day was not that better and I caved and rocked her to sleep for one of the naps..she was just so tired and clearly just wanted some snuggles.
At night crying was shorter but not really easier for us. I wanted to go soothe her so much. But something wonderful did happen, when she did wake up at night (all babies apparently wake up every 90 min or so), she didn’t cry and went back to sleep. In fact, she did not wake up till 5am for her bottle and she went right back to sleep.

We are on the fourth night, she slept after 30min of crying. Still so hard to hear her cry but I know it is best for everyone. She also cries before daytime naps but I really hope this method works on her and soon.


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