8 months of mischief

Our little monkey turned 8 months and it all happened so quickly.
Physically, she is getting taller and stronger. She still doesn’t have any teeth..but any day now, right?She sits in the shopping cart like a pro (loves the HEB car-carts). She does the military crawl chasing Freddy around the house. And she loves to jump around in her door jumper.

Emotionally, her personality is really starting to show through and she is a sweetie. I am not just saying that because she is my daughter… but this girl is just so sweet. For example, we get in the elevator after she got her flu shot, she looks at lady 1 till she makes eye contact, then big toothless smile. Then on to charm lady no 2 and so on. No one is safe from her sassy smile. She absolutely loves babies and other children. If she could flap her arms any more she would levitate when she meets a new baby around her age/size. Then she attacks them with love. She made a boy cry in costco…hopefully she is just a tiny bit more reserved when she is older hehe.


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