A little cold won’t slow her down

Poor baby got her first cold on Friday..started with the sniffles and then some low fever..her nose is still stuffy but she can’t be stopped. She said baba on Sunday..purposefully called her dad and showered him with kisses. Poor Zahi now has the cold too.

She said mama on Monday..I left her strapped in her rocker to get her food ready and she couldn’t see me and there I heard it distinct and oh so sweet..mama.
I also showed her pictures of her dad yesterday and that elicited the biggest smile and a bababababa from her. How can we possibly fit more love in our hearts for her.
She also has a giant fan club at the gym. They call her cheeks..as soon as we walk in all the trainers (even the burliest of them) just fall under her spell and wait for her superstar smile. 


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