The journey back to Houston

After spending 9 days with grandparents and aunts and uncles I knew Sophia would come back spoiled, what I didn’t expect was to see her grow up so quickly. First she showers like big people…I mean stands under and waves her hands above her head…she thinks that is how showering should be.
Next she really wants to talk, I am sure they feel like words to her, so many cute babbles. And then she yells and bosses us around. She yells at her grandpa not to mess up the tablecloth, shakes her head no when her uncle tried to take her baby doll, and yells at me when I wouldn’t let her have her way.
So she had a great flight back. I grab my breakfast from Tim Horton’s, buy some extra milk and a bottle of water, and we settle in to our seat on the plane. Too bad the guy sitting next to me is GIANT. I mean in length and width! They start safety demonstration so I give her the milk bottle, boy did that get detroyed quickly…and she was wide awake but happy! We read the first flip book (Dear Zoo) then the next flip book (Peek-a-boo forest) and then last book (where is baby’s belly button). Okay we are feeling pretty good. She sends some smiles to the neighbors, walks up and down the aisle a little and says hi to dark haired guys (I really think she is looking for her dad). Thankfully everyone thinks that is super endearing (phew).
It has been at least 1.5 hours, I try another bottle of milk (after we shared my breakfast biscuit) and boy was I glad I got the extra milk..she drank every last drop and wouldnt let me take it away till it was done even after she fell asleep. That is right, my little champion flyer slept for 3 hours. I am pretty sure I dozed off some. My arm fell asleep, my neck and shoulder was sore (so little room, so much baby on me). She wakes up in the best of moods. Back to reading, eating, changing diapers, then off to great her ‘fans’ all around us. She gave those squished nose squinty eyes wholehearted type of smiles and got more fans from the plane. Her grand finale was sitting by the baggage claim with her book and yelling at passers by. So glad everyone finds it cute 🙂 I should have taken a video or at least a picture. There is an old lady somewhere jealous of how well Sophia pulls of grumpy haha


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