Dirt dirt baby

And it looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I have many pictures of playing in the dirt, sand, picking leaves (and eating them), find a hose with a small leak and somehow taking a shower using that..well baby girl is all about rolling in the dirt and I couldn’t be prouder!


What is the equivalent of naked chefs?

The chef in me is happy because she is devouring the food 

The mom in me is happy because she is pleased as punch
The laundry is happy because it still has a chance of survival.
I present to you: 
Weekend naked eating baby series

Day 2 of the bathtub swimming series

Summer heat is fast approaching in Houston and our water baby needs to be pool ready. I had managed to teach her to hold her breath in the pool along with the natural ability for babies to kick their feet when placed in water so last summer was fun. It seems with becoming a toddler, we lost all our swimming lead. So what’s a mama with no accessible warm pool after work to do. Fill the tub and teach her to float of course. 

Day 1: filled the tub to just above her ankles. Got her to lay on her back in the water, she squirmed because the water sounded strange to her..outcome: she can flip on to her belly real quick in ankle deep water. I’m not asking for trophies but a pat on the back is welcome.
Day 2: tub is filled to about 5 inches. Lay her on her back, her head still touches the bottom but water completely covers her ears. First few seconds and she begins to enjoy..cue splashing the legs like crazy..lucky Zahi was sitting next to her and he got showered head to toe muhahaha. Again flips on her tummy easily and is now quite happy being placed on her back. Pat on my own back 
Our water baby at the splash pad just embracing that water