Dirt dirt baby

And it looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I have many pictures of playing in the dirt, sand, picking leaves (and eating them), find a hose with a small leak and somehow taking a shower using that..well baby girl is all about rolling in the dirt and I couldn’t be prouder!

What is the equivalent of naked chefs?

The chef in me is happy because she is devouring the food  The mom in me is happy because she is pleased as punch The laundry is happy because it still has a chance of survival. I present to you:  Weekend naked eating baby series

Day 2 of the bathtub swimming series

Summer heat is fast approaching in Houston and our water baby needs to be pool ready. I had managed to teach her to hold her breath in the pool along with the natural ability for babies to kick their feet when placed in water so last summer was fun. It seems with becoming a toddler,…

When shops don’t offer diaper change stations

Sometimes mommies have to stay classy and change diapers in the trunk of the car… But on a serious note…diaper change stations are not expensive to install but are seriously absent from so many stores and restaurants. Oh and hey dads change babies too how about you put one in the men’s room please 🙂

Much needed poop humor

And it is from moments like this I remain a happy even as a working mom..thank you Ashley for being too awesome 🙂

To all the truthful hips out there

Ah yes the middle Eastern genes of having hips that don’t lie..cute in songs, not so much when they are allowed to get out of control 😉 It has been hard getting rid of the last bit of baby weight..and my 8-9hr of sitting at my fancy office job certainly isn’t helping. So I am…