Dancing mamas and papas

Spent the weekend in Atlanta.

First mad props to Zahi for taking Sophia, suitcase, stroller, carseat, Sophia’s duffel bag of stuff and his laptop to the airport and to Atlanta all by himself. Mere mortals would have broken down and cried halfway through that journey. Toddlers are simply not compatible with travel and you are better off with more than two adult hands on that trip! 
Meanwhile it was my first flight going solo since munchkin was born..man I felt like a vip walking on that plane all calm and collected with only a purse..in my head i imagined people going dang girl you have your life together and look no snot or drool on her shirt..she must be cool hahaha
The weekend itself was packed but no more tiring than any other weekend..we did get a chance to dance the night away at Megan’s super fun wedding. Guess what, I now have pictures of just me or just me and Zahi..and I’ve missed those too! 
We also got the chance to catch up with some friends!
Don’t we look fun? Hehe

 Zahi and Sophia landed in Atlanta..the picture says it all 😄


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