Baby loves her house

So Sophia has always been such a great flyer (girl has already been on more than 7 local and international flights!) but we have come to realize she loves being home..loves her room, loves her bed, loves her cat, and loves her toys..she was such a trooper on the weekend but Saturday night she decided she will only sleep if she was in bed between Zahi and I..she hasn’t fallen asleep that way since that one time when she was 6 mths. Then we get home last night, she runs to give Freddy the cat hugs then runs to her room to touch her bed and toys ( you know make sure they are ok). Once in her pjs I put her in bed and she was asleep in 5min..guess who slept till 7am like a champ..yup she missed her house! 

Here she is with her godfather Jason being goobers
And here she is in her natural habitat:)


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