Grocery store with a toddler

So Sophia is a cheeseball. Loves to ham it up and use the trip to a grocery store as her social hour. Here are some tricks that help us survive it a little better:

– even if she just had three plates of food, Sophia gets hungry as soon as we get at the fail! We go to the fruit to go bar, put some of her favorite fruits in the box, print the weight and cost sticker and  give her the box to enjoy..that is 30min of busy time right there.
– sometimes that fruit is boring after 10min..choose a bag of veggies or fruit from our cart..tie loosely, give to baby to try to open
– alternatively, give baby a sealed pack of frozen veggies and watch her conflict..I want to open to see what is inside but also so cold (muhahaha evil mom)
– I used to do this more when she was younger, tie a toy to the shopping cart her try to pull it up every time is hilarious 
-final tip of the day: park the cart close to a bin or shelf with non-perishable non-breakable things and watch her work on those fine motor skills 
Yesterday I weighed my bag of gala apples, put the cost sticker and took one out, washed it and gave it to her..

I mean seriously baby it’s just an apple…


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