To all the truthful hips out there

Ah yes the middle Eastern genes of having hips that don’t lie..cute in songs, not so much when they are allowed to get out of control 😉

It has been hard getting rid of the last bit of baby weight..and my 8-9hr of sitting at my fancy office job certainly isn’t helping. So I am making some changes:
– I downloaded a timer on my desktop..I set it to buzz every hour and I get up and do squats or lunges or just jump around. The image would certainly be funnier if I had an open office but I don’t so joke is on office is at the end of the hallway and I rarely get passers day it may it be the provost or president!
– My boss approved getting an exercise ball to use as a desk chair..oh the fun to be had..soon very soon
– Finally, many will find this last tip typical Souraya. My office is at the end of the hallway in our department, with a few offices separating it from the copier and water cooler. Everyday, I try to find excuses to walk to the copier/water cooler..except walking there would be ‘normal’. Oh no, I cannot have that..nope my version is 
‘high knees high knees..walk normal (the office doors I pass by have a small window)..lunge lunge..walk normal..someday someone at the end of that hallway is going to think I’m long as they don’t film me 🙂
Now excuse me while I celebrate that it is Friday and that I can run around after my toddler instead of my strange attempts at office fitness 

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