Left alone with a toddler

Day 4 of being alone with the toddler I think she has been gaining superpowers. Today her mess making has been at an all-time high the faster I clean the faster she makes a mess. Here are some observations of life with a toddler alone:

– coming back from the swimming pool if you decide to take a shower together, one of you was going to run around naked for a few minutes. You decide who.
– when it comes to eating, one of you eats the other one looks on. The one who eats is probably the toddler

 These toddlers are slippery little suckers, especially if you’re trying to get them to put back a diaper on. Their policy is probably: ‘off for one off for all’ 

– Jogging with a kiddo is really fun for the kid who is in the stroller

– Apparently kitty litter is yummy 😦

– Toddlers are like cats..they have an ever-present devious plan to trip you (with cats is by them lying in the way while with babies it’s their mega blocks or tiny shoes)

– They poop when it is convenient and that includes the tub (we made it to month 15 with no incidents till just now)
– Not only are you never alone, the mess is going to follow you ‘wherever you will go’ ~ The calling 

– But really most importantly, you get twice the hugs, twice the snuggles, and all the love to make every minute worth it’s weight in gold 
When is Zahi coming home and where is my drink ? 


Boulder is such a funny name for a city

Funny name but awesome place! Instead of a taxi we took a bus for $5 from Denver to Boulder Sunday morning! Best decision ever! They happened to be holding a creek festival with so many fun things happening.

Naturally, I had to get my eyebrows threaded at the festival..I dub myself queen of odd things in random places. Hey my eyebrows looked so nice after so mission accomplished. Baby girl decided to start her nap a few minutes before we arrived to Boulder so she continued her nap in her stroller. Side note McClaren umbrella stroller with rain guard was best toddler purchase!
She napped and stayed dry in it the entire trip.
Then we headed out to the outdoor mall. Boy did we walk up and down those streets a few times. What a family-friendly city. So many fun shops, street performers, kid play areas, and awesome eating options. All the restaurants were kid ready..kids menu, soybean crayons (man do they think of everything), and sippy cups..happy baby=happy parents.
It rained and stormed sporadically but guess what..we had rain jackets and umbrellas and we ducked into a store or eatery till it subsided and out came the sun for us to continue our rambles.
Here are some places we enjoyed and that I remembered:
Library by the creek
Mountain sun
Sforno trattoria romana
The laughing goat
West Flanders
Lazy dog
Of course Sophia had to stop by the Boulser Book store on pearl street because she felt behind on her reading.
And then grab an ice cream but only heaven knows what the name of that place is now..mommy brain!
All I know is we had a blast in Boulder and I would visit again and again 🙂




Rambling toddlers

So this week I have a conference to attend in Denver Colorado and lucky for me, Zahi and Sophia could join. We got into Denver two days early to explore as much as we can and take advantage of the weekend. Such a fun trip so far.

Now let us talk about the flight. 7am flights mean getting up at 4am..note to self: really try booking a later flight..this is just too early. Sophia was great but she couldn’t fall asleep till 3 minutes before we landed. I am not exaggerating, 3 minutes before landing, baby girl began her nap. She was so tired but wanted to say hi to everyone so fought that sleep so hard. We waited till everyone was off and tried to get her to continue her nap while on the move..alas she woke up. By the time we made it into Denver and checked in, it was noon, I am not in the least bit ashamed to say we all took a 3 hour nap before going out to explore. Hyatt regency Hotel in downtown is awesome and supplied a crib so all the naps and sleeps have been seamless so far. We have raised a good traveller..if it fits I sleeps
In-flight entertainment was hijacked by a little diva 
First impressions of Denver: gosh this is so similar to Vancouver..oh cool weather and bipolar sun/rain day. We were prepared with umbrella for adults and rain guard for baby stroller. 14,000 steps later we had walked most of downtown and tried 3 restaurant/pubs..all so kid friendly I could give them a hug.
Did I mention comic con is in town this weekend so we all had a treat watching some awesome costumes. Sophia got to show off her superman cape too!
Awesome riddler and bat girl
Our little super-toddler



Stay tuned for more adventures

Shots for baby

Poor little munchkin had her shots and poor daddy had to take her. The worst part of the visit is the blood drawn to test for lead and anemia. No one likes their blood drawn and certainly not a little toddler. Troopers the both of them

And because he is such an awesome dad, Zahi cheered her up with ice cream after.
That being said I cannot begin to stress the importance of vaccination! Herd immunity works only if all healthy babies are vaccinated so that the few immuno-compromised ones are protected. It also protects babies that are too young for the vaccine. And yes vaccines can have some unpleasant side effects but imagine if the disease occurred from active viruses..way more dangerous. 
Before shots 
After shots and with ice cream

Mud baby

Since we live in an apartment complex, we do not have a backyard for Sophia to run around in..but we are lucky that our complex has a pool area and a separate courtyard. 

I recently bought some sand toys for Sophia so I took her down to play in one of the empty flower beds and planned to fix it when she was done. 
Well she seemed to show little interest in digging…till I filled the pail with water 
Someone loves water and mud
By the time she wa done round two she looked like she had been in a fight 
Luckily they have a tap in the courtyard so I hosed her down and took her home for a proper bath. I think she had a good day 
Happy baby= happy mommy 🙂 

Going through a Learning Spurt

It seems like Sophia is learning things at warp speed..relative to infancy learning I guess.

Over the weekend she learned a few things:

She climbs up and down a few hundred times in a row..my eyes get tired looking up then down 
She found her nose..when you ask her where it is she points to it with 100% accuracy 
– She stacks mega blocks and pulls them apart 
– She blows on every bite of food (saw her daddy do that to her hot rice) 
– Give Freddy the cat kisses…that’s right not mom or dad..the cat. She does graciously give us her cheek to give her kisses though 
– Says ‘umm’…then babbles when asked a question 

Unfortunately she also did some less cute things. Like throw tantrums in the hallway because she didn’t want her hand held. Or how about when she tried jumping out of my arms when I wouldn’t let her walk by herself in the parking garage. 
But how can I even begin to get upset at those small things when I know we have a child so full of life?