Going through a Learning Spurt

It seems like Sophia is learning things at warp speed..relative to infancy learning I guess.

Over the weekend she learned a few things:

She climbs up and down a few hundred times in a row..my eyes get tired looking up then down 
She found her nose..when you ask her where it is she points to it with 100% accuracy 
– She stacks mega blocks and pulls them apart 
– She blows on every bite of food (saw her daddy do that to her hot rice) 
– Give Freddy the cat kisses…that’s right not mom or dad..the cat. She does graciously give us her cheek to give her kisses though 
– Says ‘umm’…then babbles when asked a question 

Unfortunately she also did some less cute things. Like throw tantrums in the hallway because she didn’t want her hand held. Or how about when she tried jumping out of my arms when I wouldn’t let her walk by herself in the parking garage. 
But how can I even begin to get upset at those small things when I know we have a child so full of life? 


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