Rambling toddlers

So this week I have a conference to attend in Denver Colorado and lucky for me, Zahi and Sophia could join. We got into Denver two days early to explore as much as we can and take advantage of the weekend. Such a fun trip so far.

Now let us talk about the flight. 7am flights mean getting up at 4am..note to self: really try booking a later flight..this is just too early. Sophia was great but she couldn’t fall asleep till 3 minutes before we landed. I am not exaggerating, 3 minutes before landing, baby girl began her nap. She was so tired but wanted to say hi to everyone so fought that sleep so hard. We waited till everyone was off and tried to get her to continue her nap while on the move..alas she woke up. By the time we made it into Denver and checked in, it was noon, I am not in the least bit ashamed to say we all took a 3 hour nap before going out to explore. Hyatt regency Hotel in downtown is awesome and supplied a crib so all the naps and sleeps have been seamless so far. We have raised a good traveller..if it fits I sleeps
In-flight entertainment was hijacked by a little diva 
First impressions of Denver: gosh this is so similar to Vancouver..oh cool weather and bipolar sun/rain day. We were prepared with umbrella for adults and rain guard for baby stroller. 14,000 steps later we had walked most of downtown and tried 3 restaurant/pubs..all so kid friendly I could give them a hug.
Did I mention comic con is in town this weekend so we all had a treat watching some awesome costumes. Sophia got to show off her superman cape too!
Awesome riddler and bat girl
Our little super-toddler



Stay tuned for more adventures

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