Boulder is such a funny name for a city

Funny name but awesome place! Instead of a taxi we took a bus for $5 from Denver to Boulder Sunday morning! Best decision ever! They happened to be holding a creek festival with so many fun things happening.

Naturally, I had to get my eyebrows threaded at the festival..I dub myself queen of odd things in random places. Hey my eyebrows looked so nice after so mission accomplished. Baby girl decided to start her nap a few minutes before we arrived to Boulder so she continued her nap in her stroller. Side note McClaren umbrella stroller with rain guard was best toddler purchase!
She napped and stayed dry in it the entire trip.
Then we headed out to the outdoor mall. Boy did we walk up and down those streets a few times. What a family-friendly city. So many fun shops, street performers, kid play areas, and awesome eating options. All the restaurants were kid menu, soybean crayons (man do they think of everything), and sippy cups..happy baby=happy parents.
It rained and stormed sporadically but guess what..we had rain jackets and umbrellas and we ducked into a store or eatery till it subsided and out came the sun for us to continue our rambles.
Here are some places we enjoyed and that I remembered:
Library by the creek
Mountain sun
Sforno trattoria romana
The laughing goat
West Flanders
Lazy dog
Of course Sophia had to stop by the Boulser Book store on pearl street because she felt behind on her reading.
And then grab an ice cream but only heaven knows what the name of that place is now..mommy brain!
All I know is we had a blast in Boulder and I would visit again and again 🙂





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