Left alone with a toddler

Day 4 of being alone with the toddler I think she has been gaining superpowers. Today her mess making has been at an all-time high the faster I clean the faster she makes a mess. Here are some observations of life with a toddler alone:

– coming back from the swimming pool if you decide to take a shower together, one of you was going to run around naked for a few minutes. You decide who.
– when it comes to eating, one of you eats the other one looks on. The one who eats is probably the toddler

 These toddlers are slippery little suckers, especially if you’re trying to get them to put back a diaper on. Their policy is probably: ‘off for one off for all’ 

– Jogging with a kiddo is really fun for the kid who is in the stroller

– Apparently kitty litter is yummy 😦

– Toddlers are like cats..they have an ever-present devious plan to trip you (with cats is by them lying in the way while with babies it’s their mega blocks or tiny shoes)

– They poop when it is convenient and that includes the tub (we made it to month 15 with no incidents till just now)
– Not only are you never alone, the mess is going to follow you ‘wherever you will go’ ~ The calling 

– But really most importantly, you get twice the hugs, twice the snuggles, and all the love to make every minute worth it’s weight in gold 
When is Zahi coming home and where is my drink ? 


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