‘I will not eat green things today’

Today there was a protest in the Mitri household. Sophia was striking against all green things. I cannot for the life of me understand kid logic…today is no exception.

The offending meal was grilled veggies, cooked veggies in tomato sauce, and rice and quinoa. Disclaimer she ate veggies yesterday.
We start with the veggies. She ate the carrots and the red peppers then spit out the zucinni in my face. Brocolli was chucked overboard…sadly our cat was disinterested.
I try the rice and quinoa with some yogurt..the small bits that didn’t make it into her mouth were shoved in. Okay great I will sneak some green things into the spoon of yogurt. I was a fool. She ate the yogurt and spit out the offending zucinni..
She didn’t fall for any of my tricks so I gave up today, took off her clothes so that I had less thing to wash (remember the never ending laundry story) and she got her favorite: a non-green pasta to eat and wear because she likes to multi-task like that.
Can I call this (bow) tie pasta…bahahaha mom joke of the day..
On a more serious note, I keep worrying about her becoming a picky eater. Some days she only wants white things (yogurt, rice) and some days she wants meat and chicken but thankfully she has always eaten all foods. Surprisingly, since we weaned from the bottle, getting her to drink milk is a struggle..no logic!



Vegetable face

Our kid is silly..among all the stuff she does, she loves veggies. We were out yesterday getting some veggies and fruits and she was getting fussy so she turns around and grabs a yellow pepper and opens her mouth to bite.Naturally I make an attempt at keeping my child civilized and took it away saying we need to wash it blah blah. What is a civilized and ‘proper’ child anyway..mine certainly eats like a wild ragamuffin. I digress

Well she didn’t care and she whined and fussed more till she had it in her hand. Then she would look at it and go ‘ooooooh’

Silly baby…
In case you were wondering, she did gnaw on the pepper for most of the trip and we did buy it 🙂


Monkey see monkey do

In honor of Father’s Day, baby girl got to open another birthday present we had put away. She gets to open one present on a special occasion but when we bring out a new toy we must put away an old one. I digress…

She got to open her doctor kit playset from sweet Eva French and her parents 🙂 it appears that Sophia may have been more attentive to what daddy the doctor does
So she began her patient care by putting on her spare set of glasses to see the boo-boos better
Pause..takes her own temperature by ear
And in case you are worried..Dr Sophia successfully treated tiger cub to full health and he was last seen trying to steal monkey’s snack.
Then she moved on to watch the Canada-Switzerland women’s soccer game. Just like daddy! 
Happy Father’s Day Zahi 🙂




Little Houston hillbilly farmer

You know the weekend is going to be great when baby girl sleeps in (and hence we all sleep in) till 8am! Good job kid keep it up.

To reward good behavior we took her to a blueberry farm. We went to Chmielewski farm. It had everything we were looking for, reviews show it is slightly pricier than some other farms, but honestly this was closer and we were not disappointed with the services. In fact, it was well organized and great for the amateur blueberry picking toddler.
Who knows she may need berry picking skills in the future. What if
Armed with sunscreen, bugspray, token overalls, hat, water shoes, her own pail..we found chmielewski blueberry farms.
Our little farmer is ready for the elements
Look at that form! Look at those skills, you are a natural
Surprisingly she hardly ate her pickins..so we concluded our outing with some chocolate croissant (un-farmerly behavior..tsk tsk).




Babies make adult-level stinkies too

I am sure you have come across the ‘I love the baby smell so much’. It is a truly pleasing scent but do not be fooled, they can stink like adults too. 

Sophia loves playing chase with the big kids, especially with Ivy (her bae above all baes) but when she gets home, man she stinks like a sweaty teenage boy who had been running circles in a closed school gym..well perhaps I have a tendency to exaggerate but nonetheless she stinks more than I thought babies could. Then she gets a shower and I keep searching for ways to capture that beautiful baby aroma for the stressful work days.

The other day Ashley sends me a picture of a surprise fart that Sophia had dealt and the picture sums up the level of stink achieved. All that good fiber in her diet 🙂

Conclusion: Laughing toddlers are often up to no good or are covering up a stinky fart.
And then it quickly dissipated like a tornado tunnel leaving blue skies to be enjoyed 
Proof that Ashley survived just in case you were worried about her. 

Conquering the deep end of the pool: All 4 feet 6 inches of it

I used to go down to the pool with baby girl a lot last summer. We started when she was about 5months till it was too cold to swim in the outdoor pool. She had the naturally instinct of infants to swim when simply placed in water. She didn’t float by herself but she would kick with her feet and splash with her arms as soon as she was in the water. I also taught her to close her lips and could go under water for a few seconds and no sputtering or choking! 

Then she grew older and wiser and has been afraid of any body of water where she couldn’t touch the ground. I mean I don’t blame her…in proportion to her size the pool is like a football stadium filled with that blue-looking liquid eek!
We tried the shallow end then transition..nope.
We tried going straight in…super nope..tortured cries were heard miles away.
We learned if I was in sight, she wouldn’t even try to stay in the water with daddy.
Finally, the combination of going to the pool with smiles and toys, and this magical float..we have made immense progress. 
Swim trainer in action. It pushes her body up to swim position but she remains floating. Now getting her to splash and go forward is proving harder than we thought.
She loved swimming in it so much she keeps asking to wear it so she can go down to the pool.
But first she needs to catch up on her reading. 

This awesome float was from Leslie’s pool supply and is called 2-in-1 swim trainer by swimways ($19.99).