Conquering the deep end of the pool: All 4 feet 6 inches of it

I used to go down to the pool with baby girl a lot last summer. We started when she was about 5months till it was too cold to swim in the outdoor pool. She had the naturally instinct of infants to swim when simply placed in water. She didn’t float by herself but she would kick with her feet and splash with her arms as soon as she was in the water. I also taught her to close her lips and could go under water for a few seconds and no sputtering or choking! 

Then she grew older and wiser and has been afraid of any body of water where she couldn’t touch the ground. I mean I don’t blame her…in proportion to her size the pool is like a football stadium filled with that blue-looking liquid eek!
We tried the shallow end then transition..nope.
We tried going straight in…super nope..tortured cries were heard miles away.
We learned if I was in sight, she wouldn’t even try to stay in the water with daddy.
Finally, the combination of going to the pool with smiles and toys, and this magical float..we have made immense progress. 
Swim trainer in action. It pushes her body up to swim position but she remains floating. Now getting her to splash and go forward is proving harder than we thought.
She loved swimming in it so much she keeps asking to wear it so she can go down to the pool.
But first she needs to catch up on her reading. 

This awesome float was from Leslie’s pool supply and is called 2-in-1 swim trainer by swimways ($19.99). 


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