Babies make adult-level stinkies too

I am sure you have come across the ‘I love the baby smell so much’. It is a truly pleasing scent but do not be fooled, they can stink like adults too. 

Sophia loves playing chase with the big kids, especially with Ivy (her bae above all baes) but when she gets home, man she stinks like a sweaty teenage boy who had been running circles in a closed school gym..well perhaps I have a tendency to exaggerate but nonetheless she stinks more than I thought babies could. Then she gets a shower and I keep searching for ways to capture that beautiful baby aroma for the stressful work days.

The other day Ashley sends me a picture of a surprise fart that Sophia had dealt and the picture sums up the level of stink achieved. All that good fiber in her diet 🙂

Conclusion: Laughing toddlers are often up to no good or are covering up a stinky fart.
And then it quickly dissipated like a tornado tunnel leaving blue skies to be enjoyed 
Proof that Ashley survived just in case you were worried about her. 


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