Little Houston hillbilly farmer

You know the weekend is going to be great when baby girl sleeps in (and hence we all sleep in) till 8am! Good job kid keep it up.

To reward good behavior we took her to a blueberry farm. We went to Chmielewski farm. It had everything we were looking for, reviews show it is slightly pricier than some other farms, but honestly this was closer and we were not disappointed with the services. In fact, it was well organized and great for the amateur blueberry picking toddler.
Who knows she may need berry picking skills in the future. What if
Armed with sunscreen, bugspray, token overalls, hat, water shoes, her own pail..we found chmielewski blueberry farms.
Our little farmer is ready for the elements
Look at that form! Look at those skills, you are a natural
Surprisingly she hardly ate her we concluded our outing with some chocolate croissant (un-farmerly behavior..tsk tsk).





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