‘I will not eat green things today’

Today there was a protest in the Mitri household. Sophia was striking against all green things. I cannot for the life of me understand kid logic…today is no exception.

The offending meal was grilled veggies, cooked veggies in tomato sauce, and rice and quinoa. Disclaimer she ate veggies yesterday.
We start with the veggies. She ate the carrots and the red peppers then spit out the zucinni in my face. Brocolli was chucked overboard…sadly our cat was disinterested.
I try the rice and quinoa with some yogurt..the small bits that didn’t make it into her mouth were shoved in. Okay great I will sneak some green things into the spoon of yogurt. I was a fool. She ate the yogurt and spit out the offending zucinni..
She didn’t fall for any of my tricks so I gave up today, took off her clothes so that I had less thing to wash (remember the never ending laundry story) and she got her favorite: a non-green pasta to eat and wear because she likes to multi-task like that.
Can I call this (bow) tie pasta…bahahaha mom joke of the day..
On a more serious note, I keep worrying about her becoming a picky eater. Some days she only wants white things (yogurt, rice) and some days she wants meat and chicken but thankfully she has always eaten all foods. Surprisingly, since we weaned from the bottle, getting her to drink milk is a struggle..no logic!



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