But grandma your shoes do fit me, look!

Today in microfashion: sailboats and lady shoes 



Babies have pms too

Today is an ode to cranky babies (and resulting cranky parents). Here are some symptoms:
1. Wake up on the wrong side of the crib.

2. Cry when teddy bear falls from her hand.

3. Have a meltdown when nursery rhymes video is taking too long to load.

4. Cry because she is hungry, cry because she was being fed, cry because she has food in her mouth, cry because she finished all her food.

5. Cry because she threw herself to the floor in a tantrum and she hit her head on the table. 

Thanks to grandma for making a cranky baby feel much better today 


When toddlers cannot share…even with grandma

Sophia loves people..and she really loves grandma..but don’t ask her to share her room!

Mama Mansour arrived on Thursday. We opened the sofa bed in Sophia’s room and got ready for a good night of sleeping. Baby girl slept on time and we had a wonderful evening of catching up. 

1am: Sophia began crying. Nothing would console so I brought her to bed (a rare treat). She discovered her dad there and was all cooing and giggles. So that wasn’t going to work out. Tried the pack n play by our bed…disaster! 

3am: Still crying and fighting sleep. Somehow we all finally slept. Guess who slept till 9am…um not mom and not dad! 

Friday night was a repeat. At 3am mama Mansour volunteered to sleep on our big comfy couch and leave Sophia her own room. Within 5 seconds she was asleep…soundly till 830 am. 

Guess who got moved with the sofabed to the living room..yup grandma. 

Guess who has been sleeping soundly every night…well everyone because Sophia slept well 😄

She loves grandma so much but just won’t share a room 


Grandma goose touches down in Houston 

Monday evening, I was chatting with my mom on the phone and she said well if you happen to find a good ticket for end of July I would like to visit. Sure enough Tuesday morning, I look at tickets…I find a deal..call her and within 1 hour we have her flight booked for Thursday to stay for 10 days. Just like that mama Mansour is coming for one-on-one fun times with baby girl. 

I couldn’t sleep Wednesday night from all the excitement..last time she came to visit Sophia was just a few weeks old so that was a blur. And sure enough the visit is already awesome and it has been just 5 hours.

Teta means grandma in Arabic (thanks to Ashley and Ivy for helping Sophia make the sign)  
She bribed Sophia with candy (did I mention grandma is a smarty pants)  

Then they played with the Dolphins in the tub 

And I got some maamoul

  Expect some fun Houston visits and eats in the next few days 🙂