Sneak peak to the person this baby might become

It feels like everyday, we get another clue to what kind of personality our baby girl will have. Will she be more like her daddy or more like mommy? I looked it up on WebMD (isn’t that what we do for everything?). Well apparently 10% of children are shy who mainly need stability and lots of love, 1 in 10 children are spirited/wild  and these kiddos need to stay active. Finally, about 50% of children are easygoing aka the unicorn babies. Sophia seems to fall somewhere between shy and easygoing…so a shy unicorn? Can that be a Halloween costume? Anyway, she wakes up on the ‘right side of bed’ for sure…but hides in mommas skirt when entering a room with a handful of kids. She most certainly did not like santa’s lap!


Will she ever take no for an answer? And will she ever give yes as an answer?

When something upsets her, how often will she wail or explode?


When she is happy, how passionate will she be?
Will she line up her socks just right?
(She sat there for over 30min lining up my nail polish..need to get her real toys I guess)


Let me get nerdy for a second here, a New Zealand study suggested that by 3 years old, all the traits we observe in the little ones are clustered into 5 types of children: well-adjusted, confident, inhibited, reserved, and undercontrolled (wild child). Apparently these types were sneak peak to the personalities of those children’s adult life…insert shocked emoticon..ok I bet a lot of you think well yeah duh..but well there is now some data evidence behind the myth now(to be continued)..mic drop
*excuse us we are busy reading and sharing science son



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