Sophia’s stuff

Just like adults, I feel that babies and toddlers like their things/stuff. I think it just feels like ‘home’ when they have their favorite things around…now this baby girl is also a hoarder but see previous post about that fun story.

Here is a random list of Sophia favorite things…thanks Ashley for helping put this together:

Bear…an already well-loved bear she got in a gift basket from Hamam Saida (Lebanese natural soap company)

Where is Baby’s belly button by Karen Katz…really she loves any book
Fruit pouch holder (EasyPouch)
Enrique Iglesias (specifically Bailando)
Any phone
‘Her’ pubmix…not what you were thinking, it is a big box of mixed crackers and pretzels
‘Her’ tupperware cabinet
The fridge ledge

Pub mix on the left..licking the fridge ledge on the right  (I bet you are thinking I should stop her licking the fridge instead of taking her pictures)

And most items are placed under her neck for optimal carrying freedom.

Her famous ‘neck carry’


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