The Magical 7 Spices of Lebanese Cooking

I tend to consider myself a rather odd Lebanese-Canadian. I speak the language fluently, but a lot of words I use are what my parents spoke to us at home and that is dated to pre-1979 (the year both my parents officially left Lebanon and were living in Nigeria). So yeah sometimes, I sound like my grandma, don’t laugh.

What does that have to do with 7 spices you ask? Well like all things I learned about being Lebanese, this is the expat-Mansour version of how to cook Lebanese food. First, my kitchen must never run out of two things: 7 spices and olive oil.  I think olive oil is kind of easy to understand but you are probably wondering is what is/are 7 spices. And why 7? Why not 6 or 8? Well I apologize but I have no answer to that. But I can tell you, all my tomato-based dishes just taste so delicious when I add the 7 spices. So, I looked up what makes it up and here is what the internet gave me:

The Lebanese 7 Spices is a mixture I usually purchase in Lebanon or in Lebanese stores in US or Canada. So far my understanding is that it is blended from black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, ginger (or sometimes cumin)allspice, coriander, and nutmeg.

I will be confirming this with my intel in Lebanon (aka Khalto Rima and Teta Souheila).

7 spices


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