Grandma goose touches down in Houston 

Monday evening, I was chatting with my mom on the phone and she said well if you happen to find a good ticket for end of July I would like to visit. Sure enough Tuesday morning, I look at tickets…I find a her and within 1 hour we have her flight booked for Thursday to stay for 10 days. Just like that mama Mansour is coming for one-on-one fun times with baby girl. 

I couldn’t sleep Wednesday night from all the excitement..last time she came to visit Sophia was just a few weeks old so that was a blur. And sure enough the visit is already awesome and it has been just 5 hours.

Teta means grandma in Arabic (thanks to Ashley and Ivy for helping Sophia make the sign)  
She bribed Sophia with candy (did I mention grandma is a smarty pants)  

Then they played with the Dolphins in the tub 

And I got some maamoul

  Expect some fun Houston visits and eats in the next few days 🙂


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