When toddlers cannot share…even with grandma

Sophia loves people..and she really loves grandma..but don’t ask her to share her room!

Mama Mansour arrived on Thursday. We opened the sofa bed in Sophia’s room and got ready for a good night of sleeping. Baby girl slept on time and we had a wonderful evening of catching up. 

1am: Sophia began crying. Nothing would console so I brought her to bed (a rare treat). She discovered her dad there and was all cooing and giggles. So that wasn’t going to work out. Tried the pack n play by our bed…disaster! 

3am: Still crying and fighting sleep. Somehow we all finally slept. Guess who slept till 9am…um not mom and not dad! 

Friday night was a repeat. At 3am mama Mansour volunteered to sleep on our big comfy couch and leave Sophia her own room. Within 5 seconds she was asleep…soundly till 830 am. 

Guess who got moved with the sofabed to the living room..yup grandma. 

Guess who has been sleeping soundly every night…well everyone because Sophia slept well 😄

She loves grandma so much but just won’t share a room 



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