Princess and pauper life

Ever since Sophia was born we have thought about how to raise a humble and grateful child but still give her everything she needs and maybe spoil her a little. So for every zig we try to zag (made sense in my head).

Grandma spoils her with giant teddy bear (I mean seriously super-sized)

We make her clean yogurt she spilled (insert Cinderella reference)

For every chocolate treat (notice a trend)

Is followed by a chore of sorts

Start em young I say… Until they throw toddler sized fits and tantrums and you cave in at midnight because it sure must sound like we are torturing our kid at night. Yeah kids have a way of taking control of the situation no matter what kind of adult you are. Way to go kid. 

Speaking of last night…good job with an epic midnight tantrum kid…Sophia: 1, parents: 0

Rematch tonight and may the be odds ever in our favor because with that face our will has no fighting chance 

 Ps we miss you grandma..come back 


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