Reading to toddlers is like Groundhog Day

The movie is about a weatherman who relives the same day over and over again…reading to a toddler sure feels like that.

Last night I was folding laundry (yup that never ending story) when I overheard this conversation between Sophia and Zahi in her room

.S: bla bla bla (yeah nobody can quite understand her yet)

It sounds like she brought a book to him…

Z: Great habibi (darling) sit here. ‘In the great green room’..

goodnight moon
And he read the ‘goodnight moon’ book to her. When it ended there were some loud babbles and she must have gotten her point across because book was read again.

Babbles…book read…babbles…book read…lots of babbles…very heated babbles…

Z: you can’t possible want to read this again. This is the 10th time we have read this story. How about this one. What does a cow say?

BABBLES…I heard a sound…I wonder if she slapped him

Then it is quiet.

Z: In the great green room…


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