Vacation travel: Parents vs Toddlers

Travelling to British Columbia is always fun, we get to see a bit more of the beautiful province and we get to see a lot of family, win-win situation.

I have made this trip sometimes solo and sometimes with Zahi several times since she has been born. And the older she gets the more ‘challenging’ these trips become.

The flight itself tends to be quite fine because she has our undivided attention, she enjoys chatting up with people (they are stuck sitting close to her), and she still naps pretty well.

The problem is being spoiled by grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

Teta and Jiddo Mansour   
There might be changes in attitude such as going from being the best eater to the pickiest there ever existed.

Blue cotton candy sneaked to her by aunts Hana’a   
There might be some jealousy from baby cousins that result in only accepting milk in a bottle…and that being the only source of food.

‘If you touch the baby I will disown you’ 

And then you arrive back home from a jam-packed ‘vacation’ and deal with jetlag, a cat with fleas, pest control, and a toddler with molars growing and a full on food protest.


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