Eid was fun this year

A few days late but… During Eid, we celebrate by eating yummy food with family. This year we decided to try out Aladdin in Midtown and the lamb it had to offer. Baby girl was ready to go..note the sheep basket and reindeer hat   Don’t worry I had the shirt with me..she just ran out…

Socks can be lonely too

This is the story of the lonely-alone socks who lay in sadness after all the laundry was folded and put away…I hope you find your missing half   

Baby Ninja Warrior

That moment when you know her dad is in fine fitness form     My daughter: here is how you do the bridge     Here she is learning how to do chin ups     

Baby bun 

That exciting moment when I could put Sophia’s hair in a bun and we can be matchy-matchy      

Breckinridge, CO 

Good friends, good location, good baby, and good times.        They call this a moderate hike…hah!     The view into the backyard has never looked better    Frolicking with the tourists           

Baby’s first hospital stay

We got home after work on Monday to concerns from Ashley that Sophia is wheezing too much. By evening we knew she needed to be seen because there was a lot of effort to breathe and she was grunting after every breath. Nurse on nurses’ line (after hours phone service) heard her on speaker and…