Baby’s first hospital stay

We got home after work on Monday to concerns from Ashley that Sophia is wheezing too much. By evening we knew she needed to be seen because there was a lot of effort to breathe and she was grunting after every breath.

Nurse on nurses’ line (after hours phone service) heard her on speaker and confirmed our fears, we need to go to the ER. Our poor baby girl was finding it hard to breathe

Fastforward 4 hours later she had some tubes put down her nose to suction, threw up, was x-rayed, and then was put on high flow oxygen before she started to feel a little better 

It all happened so quickly and we found ourselves being admitted to the observation unit indefinitely for bronchiolitis.

Zahi took the first night shift, then we switched in the morning. By now as you can imagine baby girl cried anytime spacesuit- and scrub-wearing nurses and docs entered the room (she was in isolation). But at least she was breathing without difficulty 

Finally resting   
By evening the next day she suddenly felt better..she ate and put on a show for her FaceTime audience in Vancouver and Beirut.


Sophia loved aunts Daria’s visit and balloon present   
During the night she made the executive decision to take out the oxygen tubes from her nose. I guess she knew she didn’t need them anymore. Then at some point she partially took out the IV. Did I mention they decided 630am was a good time to take the IV out of sleeping baby girl’s arm. So we officially woke up but once she ate breakfast all was good.   

The morning was eventually filled with smiles even though we got woken up at midnight when they tried to take her blood pressure using cuffs while she slept..’she won’t notice’ they said..all lies! 

 Someone is happy to be free from all the tubes and lines 

She made the nurses and doc check on bear with their stethoscope but refused to let them listen to her without a big fight.

And finally we got to go home…so thankful so grateful and a little shaken up. 


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