Goodbye were family

While occupied with baby girl’s fevers, our cat, Freddy, suddenly crashed. Monday we noticed he was being more cat-sleepy than usual. Baby girl kept getting fevers and then Tuesday we realized Freddy was getting sicker. Zahi took him to the pet hospital…diagnosis: chronic renal failure. How did his kidneys suddenly fail? He was 7 years old..we weren’t ready to say goodbye. 

You were such a bro

You were a buddy 

You were silly 

You were family 

Goodbye sweet kitty 

I have no idea how to tell baby girl he won’t be coming back 


IKEA and Costco are bad news for my wallet 

Behold the wooden horse that resulted in parting tears…I only meant to buy a painting easel for $15 because did I mention the 10 other things I did buy?   
I get it do things in bulk..well thanks for sending us home with this Texan..cute as she is giving it all this love, this bear is a bitch to store 

In other news I should not be allowed shopping on an empty stomach…

Dreaming of food 

Can I just reminisce about yesterday’s meal since tonight I barely ate cos I didn’t feel like cooking and baby girl wanted to ‘explore’ the restaurant so as courtesy (and some face-saving) we just went home.

Behold the v-bowl with lemongrass beef from Nam noodle house..drool


Mama is working out

The last two months I made a commitment to get as fit as my schedule could possibly allow..I have been going to the gym an average of 4 times a week. 

My work day is 8-5 and although I take the occasional walking break I sit at my desk all day.

I did get a medicine ball chair for core work

I rush home eat a snack and head off to the gym with hubs and baby girl..she totally has a bestie at the kids area there.

Anyway we have a personal trainer once a week and do our own thing the other days. That scale hasn’t changed really but I feel stronger and I think I look more toned and leaner. But best of all..that back pain I got when I first started my full-time sit down job is gone. 

Here is to always feeling young and fit.

I don’t sweat pretty :/

But I do ‘sit in nature’ pretty 


Night out

We have such a great babysitter so most Saturday nights, we like to go out at night..gasp! 

This night found us first at ‘Under the Volcano’. 

Great patio, good drinks, and pretty good customer service. 

I always forget to take photos, when we do it usually has been a selfie…this time I got our waitress to take a ‘classic’ date photo and I’m pretty glad I did. 

Afterwards my slick date took us to cloud 10 but the words ice cream and take a photo do not seem to go together for me.

Anyway go to cloud 10 creamery in rice village, it has delicious treats. Send me pics 🙂