Classical conditioning: toddler series part 1

And there are times I use my powers for less-good-but-harmless fun. I never forget my training in psychology and child development…

Today’s stimulus of choice was Annie’s organic gummy rabbits fruit snack (Sophia’s favorite). The setting: evergreen park.

The result  
Say cheese and you get a snack

Give mommy a kiss and you get a snack 

Give baba a kiss too

But really we all had fun and we only did the experiments very very few times hehe

Happiest girl  
Happy experimenting fellow toddler-slaves aka parents.


A new knefeh: when Lebanon meets Canada for dessert

Knefeh is a delicious Lebanese dessert typically done with two layers of bread crumb dough with cheese in between. 

Alternatively, a shredded dough called kataifi is used and some folks call the final dish ‘Ismanliyeh’. 

I changed it a a little…

I thawed the kataifi for an hour at room temperature. Took a strand, fluffed it and created a nest in a cupcake pan.

Bake for 12-15min till brown at 375F

Add about a teaspoon of store bought ricotta on top and pour about 1-2 tablespoons of maple syrup…

Turned out so yum! 



Back from my hot mess life 

A series of unfortunate things continue to happen but at slightly smaller scale now: 

I seriously hurt my ankle simply dramatic story just walking and had the least graceful fall ever: shoes flying, purse spilling, and the result a badly sprained ankle  
Then flew to Vancouver with a disgruntled toddler, who stole my phone so I had to resort to playing with her toys   
Then I made it to mama Mansour whose backyard looks like a park and all was well again. 

More posts with funner stories to be shared soon. I am back 

To be continued…