When potty training failed again

I had 10 days off during winter break. And since baby girl had seemed interested in potty and happily volunteered information like: ‘Mami pee, yikh disdasgusting’, I felt we were ready to try potty training again. Yes again, as in we failed the first time we tried it.

So day 2 of winter break, diaper is replaced cute underwear with minnie mouse (her love for mickey and minnie and their friends seems to have no bounds or limits currently).

Our morning when a littleb

  • Read Princess Potty book
  • sing potty songs
  • follow her around the house so she doesn’t hide to do her business
  • Give her lots of water and juice

2 hours later, she did her business…we realized one thing…this is not sustainable.

There were several accidents…because no one can follow a child around all day to whisk them off to the bathroom. And certainly no one can hang around next to the bathroom all day. By day 3 it was clear, we are not ready for potty training just yet.

Signs she is probably not ready:

  • She is scared of the big potty
  • She still won’t tell us before she needs to pee or poo
  • She is uncomfortable when she does No1 or 2 in underwear but didn’t care to inform me when she did it in the diaper (did we ruin her potty potential?)
  • She mocked us when we went to the bathroom by saying ‘pssss’ then running off laughing 😦
  • Finally, we put her back in a diaper to go out for dinner, and when we ask her if she poo’d, she boldfaced told us no..meanwhile everyone could clearly smell it.

None of us are ready for potty training yet

Child..you will tell us when you are good and ready. Perhaps after your second birthday. Meanwhile stop growing so quickly.


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