Instagram Bro

My brother-in-law manages one of the most popular blogs in Lebanon blogbaladi. He got invited to cover LG at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Since Vegas trips are quite cheap and easy from Houston, my husband Zahi joined his brother for a total bro-out trip. Well, so he thought. Reality is, his brother @lenajib needed to actually work quite a bit during the trip as part of the blogging expectations. Today it seems the boys decided to do more sightseeing, or so my husband thought:

 And no my husband is not getting me those Crown Jewels..

Bro prepares to start sightseeing with camera

 Started off okay…  Things are getting a little obnoxious      Zahi might be reaching a point…

Bro was too busy writing posts so Zahi had to drink lonely alone…

Bros Viva Las Vegas…with instagram bro


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