When a mama just can’t even…

2016 promises to be a year of adventures. Already feeling the grind of full time work, teaching online courses, juggling motherhood and the home so although I am not preenting the thoughts below  as ‘new year resolutions’, I am reminding myself of how to enjoy this year 

– I’m not too busy, I am just distracted

– there are 24 hours in a day so stop pretending there are 50 and get to bed before midnight ya habla (an Arabic word that is similar to silly and applied so well to me)

– no one cares if the house is spotless..just sweep the floor and clean the toilet at least once a week 

– think of a new breakfast that fits in my diet that is not oatmeal and some fruits..yes it is yummy and works for me but come on Souraya be more creative  

– stop making lists..they just become trash in my purse..stop making lists 

– credits for my sanity goes to Zahi and our amazing Texan adopted sister Ashley 

Excuse me while I go sleep for a week…  


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