Easter the Lazier Way

Baby girl is still to young to compare notes on how other moms planned a kick-ass Easter day of fun, I went with the least amount of work type of approach.

Some friends came by with their baby girl, boiled eggs, and a painting kit (thanks Frenchs..you totally helped a mama out!)

 Then we filled a few plastic eggs with some candy the hubby picked up from work and walked down with the girls to the apartment courtyard. We placed them in different spots..sat on the patio chairs and watched them ‘hunt’. A 2 year old, a 19 month old, and a 3 year old girl did not so much as hunt as they did meander and finally find the some egg then waste about 3 minutes trying to open it before moving on again. A wild camel race this was not.

This girl was killing it    
I mean this couldn’t be more obvious right

  Really not sure what they were doing here 
It was a fun and easy day with minimal effort and clean up.


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