White Rock, Black Sand by Clint Westwood 

Totally mom joke I know..anyways. 

We went to crescent beach with this little stinker. White Rock to me looks like the French Riviera with beautiful houses over looking the pacific coast. Someday I’m going to live here.

Photo above from Sutton Realty (I definitely do not have such good photo taking skills)

She is still scared of the ‘pishies’..so it took a lot to convince her to wade in the leftover warm puddles of water

Photo Zahi Mitri

Tide was low and super ‘far out’

Photo Zahi Mitri

And now that we have these fancy pair we are ready for a second beach day.


Houston we are ready for take off 

June 29
We thought most things were packed..moving company came how wrong we were and how much we had left. 

Meanwhile packing was fun for one person only 🙂 

Thanks to Ashley who managed to take care of Sophia and take care of us that week and that day..gosh we already miss you 

With just enough time to make it to the airport, we piled our bags high and left Houston, hoping our car and stuff meet us in Portland 

Goodbye crazy Houston traffic

And see you soon Pacific Northwest..I’ve got my rain gear ready…