And this time we travelled by train

We took a trip vancouver to visit my parents but this time we took Amtrak (train and bus combo). I wasn’t worried about Sophia during the 8 hour ride and sure enough it went perfectly. 

It totally helped that we took  business class for the 8 hour trip 🙂 

Fun fact: Portland station has a business lounge and they give crayons, a coloring book, and a conductor hat.

We travelled with loads of games and crafts #momwin

The only negative on this trip was me forgetting the iPad and plugged into the wall at the Seattle station while waiting to catch the connecting bus to Vancouver. Not sure how, but I actually retrieved it from lost-and-found at the Seattle train station on the way back to Portland one week later. Thank you kind travelers/station workers.

There are trains that go directly to Vancouver but the timing was better for us with the train bus combo. The one downside is that when we take the bus we have to step down with all our stuff at the border, cross border patrol then go back on the bus with our stuff. In the day it was fine but it was a little tougher at night for Sophia as she woke up during our 11pm stop. 

At least our destination stop was only 10min away from the borer and it was teta Jeddo time 

The trip back was slight rougher because baby girl caught the flu. But business class, oodles of games and crafts, and a fellow tiny passenger to share games with..oh and a box of Kleenex..made the trip pass by. 

8 hours trip..she didn’t sleep a wink till she saw her baba and got into her car seat 


Multnomah Falls for family explore day 

The first of many Oregon nature adventures. Some new friends met us at the Multnomah Falls just a 30min trip from Portland center. Boy was it a fun day 

There are several waterfalls along the way but this had a well paced hike 

Sophia got carried part of the way then decided she is a strong independent toddler and does what she wants 

So she hiked like a good little northwesterner. Till she got tired and then baba to the rescue 

We made it halfway through the hike and came back down out of caution. We made good decisions that day (no meltdowns…pat on the back). Someone was completely asleep 5min after getting in the car. Thankfully it wasn’t the adults ha! 

Chalking this up as a successful nature exploration attempt..I think we are ready to do more. I mean just the views here

View from Vista House at Crown Point at Corbett

My new boss/coworker is pretty awesome 

My boss waits till 830 to wake me up in the morning and she gives me hugs and doesn’t sit on my head like so

She is pretty easy going about late morning work 

She eats pretty funny there something in your teeth?

She is a leader in team-building activities

And most importantly she pays me so well 

Sophia…you are the best boss/coworker I could ask let’s talk about that Christmas bonus…

When sister sister came to town

Oh what fun we had

Just outside pine street biscuits..which I so highly recommend 

Delicious ice cream 

Biking around downtown waterfront park..uphill in a 4-seater cycle carriage because we are crazy 

Tried so many food trucks 

Did I mention drizzled for a second then out came the sun

See you soon again sister sister..We are waiting 

Settling in and toddlers

It’s been almost two weeks since we moved here and we have just one handful of boxes to unpack..mainly because we have less space 

Today’s adventure was finding a dresser for the master bedroom.

Let me just say I had planned to leave by 10am…12:30pm we are on our way

We jumped in puddles and got soaked 

Then found our catch at the Foundary on Division St

Two awesome guys dropped it off right to our bedroom..time to filler up 🙂 

Our day wasn’t easy smooth..two tantrums today including a major stall to buckle bear in some point we made it to the car and enjoyed our snacks..we had just eaten lunch. 

She also ran through the store and crashed into random dude with a dog who was NOT a fan…poor Sophia did not expect that and stuck to my leg like glue..warning all who would listen that they weren’t allowed to run.

She behaved after that 

We even caught the free children’s museum day today 🙂

I am zonked 

New to town again

And here we are, starting back up in a new place. Portland, I hope you treat us kindly from the start.

So here is the deal. 

Z is done training and starts his big Doctor job at Oregon Health Science University.

I’m teaching online courses part time from home

Sophia is going to have an awesome fun year

We are embracing the outdoors, the food, the friendly people, the quirky, the hard hard work because that’s all we know how to do…

Here we go…