Settling in and toddlers

It’s been almost two weeks since we moved here and we have just one handful of boxes to unpack..mainly because we have less space 

Today’s adventure was finding a dresser for the master bedroom.

Let me just say I had planned to leave by 10am…12:30pm we are on our way

We jumped in puddles and got soaked 

Then found our catch at the Foundary on Division St

Two awesome guys dropped it off right to our bedroom..time to filler up 🙂 

Our day wasn’t easy smooth..two tantrums today including a major stall to buckle bear in some point we made it to the car and enjoyed our snacks..we had just eaten lunch. 

She also ran through the store and crashed into random dude with a dog who was NOT a fan…poor Sophia did not expect that and stuck to my leg like glue..warning all who would listen that they weren’t allowed to run.

She behaved after that 

We even caught the free children’s museum day today 🙂

I am zonked 


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