The ugly side of Fall 

It was such a promising start..two trails completed..ballet, soccer, gymnastics.

Then she caught one cold that turned into croup..that’s one ER visit 

Then I got what she had..instead of croup I developed laryngitis and could hardly talk so sniffly week at home it was..

Then just as she was feeling better she got sick again 😦

It feels like a she has had a runny nose for the entire month. 

Here is a list of what we have tried so far:

warm baths, orange juice, all fruits, soup, warm room, Tylenol, vaporub, gummy bears (why not right), homeopathic syrup, blanket fort, crafts, indoor racing…

Nose still runny 😦 

Hopefully tomorrow 

We have many outdoor and fun things to do Sophia we need all the energy 

But seriously how do we get rid of this cold/flu?


Nothing says welcome Fall like a festival of Apples

I have never been the biggest fan of apples..that is until this Saturday when we joined some friends at the Apple festival held at the Portland Nursery. All apples 99c/lb and a bunch of fun activities.

We started off painting a tiny free pumpkin while sitting on a bale of hay and some face painting. I mean I don’t think I’m dreaming up this stuff. 

Then we tried to hula hoop but realized posing as sunflowers was much easier 

We watched the band play a little..made friends with a sweet dog. And being cute helped Sophia score a candy Apple slice from her neighbor on that bale of hay. #haygirlhay

Finally we skipped the Apple tasting line and went for picking one of each to buy. 

I wish I could have gotten a picture of me holding her by the waist upside down in a big Apple bon so she could pick a ‘big giant apple’. 

What a fun sunny almost surreal Fall day. 

Excuse me while I look up Apple pie recipes 

Trails with toddler #1

Mini-me and I got almost matching hiking shoes and were all ready for the fall adventures ahead 

Lots of snacks, rain jackets, Water bottles, and lots of patience we visited Mount Tabor. 

Their easiest most kid-friendly trail is only 1 mile and not steep. So off we went..2 minutes into the trail she got hungry and ate all her pretzel bread

Off to a promising start..ok now off we go 

By now we needed some help from the jelly bean was 45min in so she got jelly beans in a guess-the-color game

Did I mention this was a 1 mile trail..1hour later we have made it halfway through..water fountains were a good 15min added distraction..good thing I came with a butt-load of patience 

We played the leaves-as-wings flying forward game and made some progress..then we saw a dog and played the catch up with him game 

Longest mile I have ever walked

She got carried some parts but my little trooper walked most of it..we made a friend along the way too..Eleanor was a sweet pup companion and helped us finish the trail..trail #1 done till next adventure