Trails with toddler #1

Mini-me and I got almost matching hiking shoes and were all ready for the fall adventures ahead 

Lots of snacks, rain jackets, Water bottles, and lots of patience we visited Mount Tabor. 

Their easiest most kid-friendly trail is only 1 mile and not steep. So off we went..2 minutes into the trail she got hungry and ate all her pretzel bread

Off to a promising start..ok now off we go 

By now we needed some help from the jelly bean was 45min in so she got jelly beans in a guess-the-color game

Did I mention this was a 1 mile trail..1hour later we have made it halfway through..water fountains were a good 15min added distraction..good thing I came with a butt-load of patience 

We played the leaves-as-wings flying forward game and made some progress..then we saw a dog and played the catch up with him game 

Longest mile I have ever walked

She got carried some parts but my little trooper walked most of it..we made a friend along the way too..Eleanor was a sweet pup companion and helped us finish the trail..trail #1 done till next adventure 


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