The ugly side of Fall 

It was such a promising start..two trails completed..ballet, soccer, gymnastics.

Then she caught one cold that turned into croup..that’s one ER visit 

Then I got what she had..instead of croup I developed laryngitis and could hardly talk so sniffly week at home it was..

Then just as she was feeling better she got sick again 😦

It feels like a she has had a runny nose for the entire month. 

Here is a list of what we have tried so far:

warm baths, orange juice, all fruits, soup, warm room, Tylenol, vaporub, gummy bears (why not right), homeopathic syrup, blanket fort, crafts, indoor racing…

Nose still runny 😦 

Hopefully tomorrow 

We have many outdoor and fun things to do Sophia we need all the energy 

But seriously how do we get rid of this cold/flu?


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