Mama is back to thinking

It has been a while, a lot seems to happen and I disappear, hide, avoid, find ways to deal but I regret the absence from this platform. Sorry for disappearing and I am back again.

A quick recap of what has been happening in the last few months:

  1. Settling into Portland just perfectly fine…minus some pretty bad colds that turned into ER visits for our little miss.
  2. Now I recall just how much rain, cold (and I guess snow the PNW-Pacific Northwest) can bring.
  3. I am still teaching courses at the University but online and from home.
  4. Our baby girl turned 3 and started preschool..aside from the germs she picks up from school, it has been such a positive experience for us all..i mean really positive (as I plan adult-only brunches and run the quickest of errands that are indeed quick).
  5. I am still terrible at taking photos, but by gosh darn-it am I earnest about documenting things.
  6. We have had a few travels, biggest/longest was to Lebanon for Christmas so I will surely be sharing some photos from that trip.

I will try to highlight some big events that happened but focus on sharing new adventures, parent/toddler moments, recipes, gripes, and goofs. And perhaps an announcement or two.

Please do forgive my absence and hope you come back for fun reads often.



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